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First sprint triathlon for Nicolas in Solana Beach California

Solana Beach Triathlon, July 24th, 2022 (S) 

Race Reporter: Nicolas

Why this race ? I was having vacations near San Diego (California)… I didn’t expect to race at any time this summer, but I was at the right place at the right moment ; the annual sprint triathlon of Solana Beach was taking place at that time so I signed up ! Any preparation ? Prior to the race I was fit for biking and running, but still a big question mark for my swim, I’m not a good swimmer and it was my first time ever in open water ! Moreover the Pacific Ocean also means waves… Organization before D-day ? The race village was unusual for me, I only raced with Expatriés for Super Sprint, people were very nice and friendly especially when they understand I’m a foreigner, so cool ! I packed very early, around 6 am you couldn’t find any room to put your bike transition area (more than 700 racers). Anyway it’s time to reach the crowed beach start. My expectancy ? Having fun for sure, discovering the distance, making memories, but regarding to the age groups, I have a chance to make a good ranking : I’m in the 16-20 years old AG and because I’m 19 I have an advantage…

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