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Wippy at Triathlon Vikings

Race: Triathlon Vikings

Distance: Olympic

Date: Septembre 17, 2023

Championnat Normandie @Pont Évêque

Having participated several triathlon races previously, Sprint / Olympic distances, including some races in 2023 and with some enriching experiences since 2013 into the triathlon universe in France.

Especially, after the Covid, this is the first year, I have been regularly training, bumping into some world class triathlete who raced in an international level unlike previous years.

Having been discussing and digging into deeper level what type of trainings/performing/nutritions, recuperation (recovery), preparation pre/post races of some great athletes, this inspired to look back of previous years, some errors I did.

Coming from a sporty background helps like running, however one of the major issue is <swimming>, as a super slow swimmer. Although my most favourite disciplines are cycling and running (half marathon). I used to swim a lot : 4 sessions a week, unfortunately, my swim technique had not improved much. I gave up my motivation of doing any long distance race. (Being afraid of not making it to the cut off time).

Actually, I had been so wrong about it.

For numerous years of thinking that only fast swimmers might try a longer distance due to a longer distance of swim portion.

This year, I changed my mind, reminding myself <my race kicks off when the swim leg finished>. This seems to work out fine as a cyclist enthusiast, a big number of athletes I cyclised passing them in ant races had changed my view over a triathlon race.

At this race, I did pass so many triathletes on a bike course as well during a run portion, (although I had not been so regular runner for several months, my main focus is “cycling”. A long slow ride had helped me of getting a better form in running too.

About running portion : having lost all my nutritions on cycling so I did not eat as planned. I managed to finish 10KM at a constant pace, not pushing hard at all.

Bearing in mind that I could have finished even on the first or the second place if I could have performed better on running leg. Meanwhile, this made me aware of another weakness which I should focus and improve also among these 3 disciplines : swim/bike/run.

After all, having finished this race without being exhausted or completely scattered or no injury afterward, so this why I started to look back what went right/went wrong to this race, also in the past.

Here is my check-list for the race :

Olympic distance :





Eat well

Right nutritions at least 48 hours prior

Sleep well

Drink enough water

Race plan : visualise your race


Eat enough, 3 hours before the race

Right nutrition on the right time

Eat/drink during the race

Post race

Eat and drink the right nutrition Recuperation matter

Rest at least a couple of days

Sleep well

Winning the in my age group is the best souvenir ever this year, because I dare to go beyond and my motto is “consistency is the key”

Not only on training, healthy diet, good sleep, good nutritions, drink properly, good recuperation, however being surrounded by the right kind of mindset and the right attitude.

Winning the in my age group rather than my previous years of races

S race relay in Versailles : (thanks to my strong bike skill), even a very poor swim.

M race at Sens triathlon :

Aquathlon in Corsica :

Always happy to share tips to newbies or those who might be struggling with injuries, perhaps let’s discuss more how to enjoy our triathlon passion and stay an injury free. Still keen to learn from each one of you in order to be make all this better.

After all, for me, as a sport enthusiast, sport is fun, triathlon is the best, will always to take a pleasure to do and to share with the others regardless of performance, podium, prices, gifts or any rewards, living my life through triathlon journey has been enriching as I have met a lot of incredibly inspiring athletes through years, especially as a referee since 2014 for FFTri, I could see both sides as competitor and as a part of organisation : volunteers and all involved who make each sport event/race happening.

Life is beautiful, here I am just one of examples : each has been walking her/his life journey, we are all different and willing to aim for different things in life. Hopefully each makes her/his own journey through triathlon and make the best out of it each single moment in preparation like training or racing experiences and even after the race, a celebratory moment to share with those who are close to our heart.

Thank you so much to the Expatriés club, coaches, the Expatriés family and friends who have been supporting each other so far to make all memorable moments and yet a lot to come so let’s stay tuned and see you around.


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